the paragraph begins and we all remember what we can say.  the light comes on and the the victorious ones practice their jive and sit through the maze and they all combine themselves into one.  like predators they sit among us, their owlish gazes intent on our necks, they wish us harm, they wish to know how we sing, how we dance, how we connect the dots and connect our hearts.  we do now know we say.  we have no idea what makes us do.  we just do. 

in the setting of

I remember so well.  I remember how we began and walked ahead.  I do remember that much but what I cannot remember is the melody.  Yeah what I cannot ever really remember is the melody you know?  Like if I start right away I will forget right?  You know what I mean.  It’s because you are scared that you, well, you know what I mean

make my mind

getting tired of the thoughts that cascade down the waterfalls of the landscapes that sit inside.  the chair is built and sturdy but the campus is the wooden boar that bites the bark bitterly.  see what i mean?

In the new year

Sitting among the palaces we admire the setting suns of lemons and sweets sip slightly and leave us thirsty.  Let us remember the first day and the last day and the in between days and all the air and smells and laughs and smiles. 

The pity

The air haphazard and the eyes unsure I fit inside salvation and I ask for a cure

in spite of

I can oversee the future, and endeavour to tardiness.  I skip the sense of myself and kiss further than the titles.  I ask again and remind the world of this pallid pen.  This entire universe of thought and instinct buried in a hatchet with fangs and vultures and amazing talent.  They sit wisely by the door as we construct futures we cannot see or hear.  I am tortured by the present and lessened by my manicured temperament.  I respond wisely to myself and decide on the life I was meant to lead. 

I can often sit idlely by and wait for the inevitable, and sit I will, but I am seeking a rather unfortunate tone of memory and solace here tonight.  I am in search of the beyond and the beyond it is fit.  I am sitting among futures and beholden to the risk. 

I can often sit and wonder and spit aloud and wince, but I favor the balboas and the moderns they emit.  I live aloud and sing the rain and spit aloud some more, but I am tempted by civility and the damp dry methods of phraseology. 

I sit upon the land and see the vain come swinging, I dodge gorillas and sensible healers and convince saturn to be cool, I buy stock in a hotel that parades me to the moon.  I am sipping on scissors and sitting on lizards and daring the planets to align.  I am sitting on the sinners’ blinging and I am winning the west wit. 


Each accountable design, letting the just bleed away the dust of our time, I sit near the sun and decide to relay the best terms of dissent we can indulge. 

The swings

Tom waits behind me sitting like a deer I seek salvation and keep near living towards the sun but still with the horse I live today for fear of remorse


The eyes upset and a bit removed the sincere obligation of a Lancelot I sense the tender and consider the tenor I mistake sincerity for a bind I sit against the mirror and sip proudly and stare blankly and feel awake for the moment of now right now


I was sitting there quietly, still under the sun like a fortunate fool.  I was seconded to the aquarium and the landless mass I see not too far away. 

I was sensible and intelligent, the vain hapless steward of melancholy.  my rope was up, and I pulled and pulled to the sun and back.  I was the dripping listless type, you know very punctual and filled with affectations.

I sought the company of all.  and endeared the eyes of strangers on the train.